Cover Art by KatherineM. Parent

Journey's Seekers

At the great summer fair in the capital of Sommerhjem, the evil Regent has been forced to step down due to the calling of the Gylden Sirklene challenge. The future of the country now hangs in the balance. By a year from the day the challenge was called, all nine pieces of the oppgave ringe need to be delivered to the capital. Four are already there, but five more need to be found.

Chance has been chosen by his family to return to Sommerhjem to retrieve a piece of the oppgave ringe that Chance’s father hid before the family fled the country to save themselves from certain death. No one besides his cousin should have known he was coming. What Chance had seen as a grand adventure turned out to be much more than he had bargained for.

Yara was lucky to have found work in the royal library which allowed her to try to find out what had happened to a piece of the oppgave ringe that her family had once been charged with keeping safe. Her discovery takes her to the salt marshes at the very southern border of Sommerhjem and into danger.

In this spellbinding fantasy, both Chance and Yara are hunted by numerous factions who want what each one seeks.


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