Cover art by Katherine M. Parent

2013 Midwest Book Award Finalist in two categories:   Young Adult Fiction and Fiction: Science Fiction/Fantasy


Journey’s Lost and Found Book Two in the Sommerhjem Journey’s Series

Journey's Lost and Found

At the great summer fair in the capital of Sommerhjem, the evil regent has been forced to step down due to the calling of the Gylden Sirklene challenge. The future of the country now hangs in the balance. By a year from the day the challenge was called, all nine pieces of the oppgave ringe need to be delivered to the capital. Two are already there, but seven more need to be found. The street lad,

Greer, is lucky to have found a job at Milkin’s Stable in the rough and tumble border town of Høyhauger, the only place he has ever known. Ignoring the stable owner’s orders to leave one evening, he hides behind a haystack. What he witnesses and what comes into his possession leads Greer to flee with his border dog pup, Kasa, and begin a perilous journey across Sommerhjem. What’s more, he is chased by numerous folks who want what he took with him.

Coming to from a blow to the head, Meryl finds herself looking into the brilliant green eyes of a griff falcon who urges Meryl to follow her. With no memory of who she is, Meryl ends up partnering with a finder named Finn. What she finds in a small hole in the bluffs places her in danger.

In this spellbinding fantasy, both Greer and Meryl are hunted by numerous factions who want what each one has found.

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